Heart Care

Dr. Tamkeen Kinah


Head Of Department Cardiology and Internal Medicine,

Dubai London Hospital

One of the few Preventive Cardiology
Consultants in Dubai

“Prevention is better than cure”

Dr. Tamkeen Kinah, recognized as one of the best heart specialists in Dubai, is an accomplished Consultant Cardiologist & Heart Specialist with expertise in Clinical and Preventive Cardiovascular Medicine. His impressive academic and professional background includes positions at prestigious institutions worldwide, he stands out as a true master of his craft.

Patients worldwide seek his specialized care due to his holistic approach, offering personalized treatment. Driven by a deep passion for healing hearts and enhancing lives, he consistently delivers top-tier care with professionalism and empathy.     

As a renowned heart specialist in Dubai, Dr. Tamkeen Kinah brings extensive experience in cardiac preventive care, diagnosis, and treatment. His commitment to excellence has established him as a leading figure in the field, making him the go-to choice for individuals seeking the best heart care in Dubai.

In the realm of heart health, Dr. Tamkeen Kinah stands out as a beacon of excellence, with a reputation built on a foundation of knowledge, skill, and genuine concern for his patients. Those in search of the best heart specialist in Dubai consistently turn to Dr. Tamkeen Kinah for his unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier care that goes beyond expectations.

Best Heart Specialist in Dubai - Dr Tamkeen Kinah

When To Consult A Heart Specialist in Dubai?

Chest Pain
Shortness of Breath
Heaviness in chest
Palpitations or Irregular heartbeats
Dizziness or cold
Unusual Swelling in body parts

Diagnostic Procedures

Exercise Treadmill Test

Stress Echocardiogram

Remote Heart Monitor

CT Coronary Angiogram(Cardiac CT)

Making a difference
in Heart Health

As a distinguished heart specialist in Dubai, Dr. Tamkeen Kinah is committed to providing top-notch cardiovascular care to his patients in Dubai with:

Early detection and risk assessment

Cardiac rehabilitation and heartcare management

Heart Specialist in Dubai - Dr Tamkeen Kinah
Heart Specialist in Dubai - Dr Tamkeen Kinah

Educate and counsel patients to adopt healthy practices for a healthy heart

Dr. Kinah In

One of the few specialist Aeromedical Examiners

Heart Specialist in Dubai - Dr Tamkeen Kinah

A Responsible Educationalist

His discussion in conferences

Tech Savvy Heart Specialist in Dubai

Cardiac CT with excellent resolution and low dose at Dubai London Hospital.

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