2D Echocardiogram

The human heart, a marvel of engineering, beats relentlessly to keep us alive.

To understand its intricacies and detect potential issues, medical professionals have a powerful tool at their disposal – the 2D Echocardiogram.

What is 2D Echocardiogram?

A 2D Echocardiogram is a non-invasive, painless and safe ultrasound of the heart. It is done using high-frequency ultrasound waves reflecting anatomy of the heart to obtaintwo-dimensional real-time images of your beating heart.                             

These images provide detailed information about the heart’s structure and function. The procedure is valuable for diagnosing and monitoring various heart conditions. By visualizing the heart’s chambers, blood flow, and valve function, a 2D Echo assists cardiologists in making accurate heart health assessment.

What can a 2D Echocardiogram detect?

A 2D Echocardiogram is a technique that can assess the functions of the heart including competency of the heart valves and examine for any dilatation of its chambers.                   

 It can calculate the heart’s ejection fraction, motion abnormalities of the muscle wall, suggesting a prior heart attack.

This provides your doctor with crucial insights regarding the function of your heart.

When do I need a 2D Echocardiogram test?

A 2D Echocardiogram test may be done for  assessment of heart anatomy when some signs or symptoms of heart disease are present like :         

  • Chest pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Palpitations
  • Dizziness or Loss of consciousness

What are the benefits of a 2D Echocardiogram?

  • Echocardiography employs safe sound waves to create radiation-free, non-invasive, and painless images of your heart, pericardium, and major blood vessels.
  • An Echocardiogram provides highly accurate images, enabling the visualization of blood flow within the heart to monitor and diagnose various heart conditions.
  • Your Echocardiogram will produce real-time results that your physician can both view immediately and record for further examination or future comparisons.

How is 2D Echocardiogram performed?

A 2D Echocardiogram is performed with a handheld transducer while the patient is lying flat.

What do 2D Echocardiogram results indicate?


A normal 2D Echo test shows the healthy functioning of the heart, including its muscles, chambers, and valves


An abnormal 2D Echo test suggests potential heart issues, such as reduced blood flow to a specific area due to blocked or narrowed blood vessels.

What is the cost of Echocardiogram ?

The 2D echocardiogram cost can vary depending on the healthcare facility and location. On average, the cost of Echocardiogram is AED 1800 to AED 2500.

Additionally, costs may vary based on the individual’s insurance coverage, with some policies covering part or all of the expenses.

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